Months after the March for Equality (via eating words)

Every once in a while, I come across a blog that I cannot help but reblog to get its message out. This is a pictographic view of some of the most poignant signs from the March for Equality in Washington, DC. They all bring some great discourse into the public sphere, so check it out. If only I were as creative as some of these sign makers… Sigh. I have no future prospects…

Months after the March for Equality Back in October, I went to the March for Equality in Washington, DC. One of my favorite things about the march was seeing all the different signs people made. Some were fierce. Some were funny. Some were just plain silly. Most spoke the truth, however they chose to angle it. I started writing this post months ago … Read More

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day 26 (let’s get down to business) (via junk and jewels)

My friend, Ellie, has been working on her blog, Junk and Jewels, and it’s pretty awesome. In a nutshell, she chronicles the cleaning of her parents’ basement. She tells stories about the things she’s found and experienced. Some stories are touching and others are hilarious. Although Before the Bottle is just starting out, I strongly recommend that my subscribers check her work out. It’s well worth it :).

day 26 (let's get down to business) so i almost a month in, 3/4ths of the basement is clean, and i am no where near my $1,500 goal. perhaps i will make it there, perhaps i won’t, but either way, we will undoubtedly get a $500 tax deductible from the mounds of stuff within the 17 pick ups/drop offs to goodwill, joseph’s coat, penny pinchers, and books for africa. so i’m going to tack that on to my money made to make myself feel better. i have also started a new tab (‘ca$h money’) wi … Read More

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