Old Man in a White Suit

CAST: Old Man, ironically in his late forties.  Gray hair; ivory, 50s-style suit with matching hat; slight stubble; messy eyebrows.

SETTING: Stage is bare, completely black.  After house lights go down there is still no light onstage.

Scene 1



[strikes long match for cigarette already in his mouth.  Can’t quite get the match to light]

I didn’t know ’til today pigeons have these bright orange eyes–like those fuckin’ tictacs, y’know?

[Finally strikes match]

I should quit.

[Lights cigarette]

I mean I’ve fuckin’ grown up with pigeons.  My pa even adopted a couple–thought it’d be fun to train ’em.  Never could do it.  They’d all eventually manage to escape.  When I think of those pigeons though, all I can see is their slick, silvery… purple-orange feathers and the way they walk.  Never noticed their eyes before today.  Fucker almost ate out of my hand he was that close.  You don’t fuckin’ care, though.